Real-Time Visibility and Management


In an effort to be among the preferred integrated solutions and IT systems provider in the Philippines, Novostorm is currently focused in providing tracking solutions in the healthcare industry.  Our current work is committed to addressing the following challenges for our clients:


  • Long patient wait times

  • Process bottlenecks

  • Sub optimal patient flow through put

  • Unpredictable patient to healthcare worker ratio

  • Tedious Manual Tracking. Non actionable information.

  • High volume of patient complaints related to patient flow

  • Other associated errors with unmanaged Patient flow (medication errors, medical record errors, etc.)

Our solution is to develop the first Real-Time Patient Flow Monitoring System (Meditrail) with the use of RFID technology.    Acting as the hospital’s dashboard and providing unparalleled visibility over key hospital processes, Novocentral is a people-process-technology integrated solution which provides critical patient-flow measures.  With its expandable healthcare modules, scalable data-analytics and seamless integration model, it is a cost-effective solution for hospital institutions with the added edge of high-ease implementation.



In combination with the implementation of Lean Six Sigma, Novostorm offers a solution model that not only addresses the challenges of our clients but also defines their key processes and improves them.  It is business transformation that is designed to grow with the needs of our clients thus providing the competitive advantage to lead today's market.




“If you can't measure it, you can't improve it.”

Peter Drucker