How We Capture Data

Depending on what suits your process best, we use multiple technologies to capture data, such as RFID, barcode, NFC, mobile phones, etc. And we continue to evolve our technology to be a the most innovative and cost-effective leader in data capture.

Data Collector Technology

Data is transmitted through the network

Data processed by Business Rules Engine (BRE)

Captured data is sent to MediTrail, our customizable patient flow platform, through various network topology.

The Problem

Patients waiting long

to be seen, diagnosed, treated and given medication, admitted and discharged

... ENDS UP feeling unattended, disengaged, disappointed complaining and wasting a lot of time

Hospitals try hard but lacks staffing. They do not have enough beds and unable to justify additional resources. Limited manual monitoring, struggles with disjoined information and don’t have a reliable data to make improvements.

... ENDS UP frustrated, tired, and unappreciated despite all the effort.


Live Patient Flow Tracking Dashboard

People-Process Technology Synergy

Data Capture Technology

Live Dashboard &

Smart Analytics

Improvement Transformation

Key Features

MediTrail, is designed to allow hospitals to monitor flow patient care processes, spot bottlenecks and intervene where attention is required. It’s key features are as follows:

Simple User Interface

Easy to navigate user interface for ease of use

Flexible Process Capture

Customize measurement of patient flow steps

Tailor-Fit Metrics

Create your own metrics as it suits your patient care flow

Live Dashboard

Real-time scoreboard to keep tab of performance & trigger intervention

Mobile View

View dashboard on-the-go

Custom Alerts

Parameter-based SMS/ Email alerts to prompt user-action/ escalation

On-Demand VSM

Quick access to Value-Stream Map to highlight bottlenecks

Smart Data Analytics

Actionable Insights out of big data analytics

Performance Gamification

Creating the Fun in Service Performance, through various challenges and milestones to achieve.

Flexible HIS Integration Framework

Connect to any existing HIS for deeper data correlation and analytics

User Access Level

Define zone access level in a granular scale

Hardware Agnostic Web API

Capability to handle multiple data capture technology best suited for a specific zone.

Scalable Deployment

Capture data from one department, to an entire hospital,  to multiple sites

Multiple Zone Tracking

Capability to track multiple zones within a specific area

Patient Touchpoint History

Access patient care history for investigation/ reference

Our Patient Flow Analytics provide actionable insights to allow our hospital partners spot trends in patient volume, staff appropriately, assess bed capacity, highlight process bottlenecks and causes of delay. Such allows them to take informed decisions and timely intervention.

Our Solution

A customizable patient flow management platform designed to allow hospitals to monitor flow patient care processes, spot bottlenecks and intervene where attention is required.

Our Clients

Our JCI-Accredited Partner Hospitals have realized initial improvements even on early stages of deployment.


Your Patient Flow Management Metrics at a Glance

A live dashboard showing your critical indicators such as patients being currently being served, patients served, Fulfillment rate (% of patients served with target TAT), Overstays, Average Length of Stay, etc. It also lists patients overstaying and those near-overstaying, to trigger action & intervention, where necessary.

Our Lean Six Sigma Black Belt and Master Black Belt Consultants will serve as your Process Doctors - to help you diagnose your processes with data analytics, and guide you in making significant improvements, proven with data.